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          Protein Boxes & Bowls

          Our boxed lunches are crafted to satisfy midday hunger and deliver amazing taste combinations. With at least 20 g of protein (all the way up to 35 g) and a full cup of fresh fruits and veggies, these boxes make lunch much more gratifying.

          1. Eggs & Cheese

            Two hard-cooked cage-free eggs and a full cup of fruit with multigrain muesli bread and honey peanut-butter spread. Now with an additional egg and more apple.

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          2. Smoked Turkey

            Turkey (raised without antibiotics), Swiss cheese, pickled peppers, tangy cream-cheese spread and lettuce on flatbread. Plus crisp apples, carrots and Greek-yogurt ranch dip.

            Nutritional information ?

          3. Chicken Wrap

            Chicken (raised without antibiotics) and chile-lime slaw in a chile tortilla wrap with a delightful peanut-coconut sauce for dipping. Top off your meal with refreshing cucumber and apple slices.

            Nutritional information ?

          4. PB&J

            A classic PB&J with string cheese, chocolate-covered raisins and Greek-yogurt ranch dip for the full cup of fruits and veggies. Now with more peanut butter and more jelly.

            Nutritional information ?

          5. Cheese & Fruit

            Brie, Cheddar and Gouda with multigrain crackers and a full cup of fruit. Now with more cheese and more fruit.

            Nutritional information ?

          6. Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl

            Grilled chicken (raised without antibiotics) is tossed with a medium-spiced chile vinaigrette for a lively but not over-the-top kick. Mixed with fresh greens, tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, jicama, paprika and cotija cheese.

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